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About Our Studio

Dance Directions offers a variety of classes for dancers aged two through adult, within a supportive and inclusive community. 

The primary goal of our company is to teach the fundamentals of dance technique, while also creating opportunities for dancers to grow their confidence, develop and explore their creative side as they learn about movement and rhythm. 

We are a supportive dance studio that encourages pushing artistic and creative boundaries in an enthusiastic way for passionate people and dancers.


 Our Mission Statement

We affirm that our studio will strive to

  • push creative boundaries

  • be supportive of students as individuals

  • make positive, uplifting corrections

  • create connections with families and community

  • foster inclusiveness

  • encourage freedom of expression (within the stated studio guidelines)

  • creating a safer positive space for all

  • work to use methods that develop confidence

  • use methods that establish an encouraging environment

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