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Team Canada

  • Team Canada is an accumulation of Canada's most elite dancers and performers.

  • Dancers compete each year against other countries in the hopes of winning titles at the IDO World Championships in Poland.

  • Team Canada has been said to improve social, movement, performance and learning skills.

  • We encourage dancers to feel free to be themselves at all times.

  • Team Canada is not just a team; we are a family.

  • Cierra Rohde was part of the 2013 family.


Head Choreographer & Team Leader:  Danielle Gardner


National Director:  Bonnie Dyer


Click here to see the live broadcast of the IDO Dance World Championships in Mikolajki, Poland the week of February 10-15  (5 Euros per day or 15 Euros for the entire competition). Note that the time there is 9 hours ahead of Pacific Standard Time.

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